I am the Pastor and Director of IMAPCT195 School of Ministry, which is a ministry of The Rock Church San Diego, one of the fastest growing churches in America

This is my personal blog. It is focused on building great relationships – with God and with others. My philosophy is that relationships are the most important and precious things that God has given to us and because we live in a broken world our default in relationships is typically broken as well. It takes time, energy, and grace from God to learn to have healthy and holy relationships.

I write on different aspects of intimacy with God, identity in Christ, and building strong relationships with others, and, on occasion, I write some stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into these categories. I sometimes also write about the resources that I’m discovering.

My goal it to challenge paradigms by creating insightful and relevant content that will draw you closer to God, fuel your personal growth, and bring more of God’s love into your relationships. If you are looking to rise above what life has “programmed” you to be and you want more of God and more out of life – this blog is for you.

Typically, I post a couple of times a week and every Friday I post a video devotional. To make sure you don’t miss my news posts, you can subscribe via email.

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You can also check my blog’s archive for a list of every post I have written or use the search function at the top of the page to find other posts that might be of interest.

About Me:

I grew up in a Christian home and gave my life to the Lord at a very early age, around 5. However, my family life was difficult. My parents divorced before my first birthday. When I turned 9, my mom remarried an ex-Marine Corps Drill Instructor and recovered alcoholic. Even though he stopped drinking he was what is called a ‘dry drunk’. He still acted erratic and had unpredictable explosions of anger and violence.

Not only was he physically abusive but also verbally. One of my step dad’s favorite sayings as he beat me was, “You better pray to God that you have a strong back because the only thing you’ll ever be good for is digging ditches!”

In Jr. High, the I was pulled from normal Math and English classes to special education classes because I had dyslexia. Needless to say, this combined with my step dad’s put downs damaged me. I felt worthless and damaged for decades. The wounds I carried with me damaged the most of my relationships. A path of destruction followed me wherever I went.

My self-concept was damaged – I felt like I was used goods. So I gave myself a name, ‘Stained’. I would get depressed and write my name on my arm in indelible marker. I felt like I needed to be marked because I was ‘Stained’.

But then God… In one powerful encounter with God he took my broken identity from me and gave me a new one! Just one of many times God has worked miracles in my life.

But everything wasn’t all lollipop and cotton candy. Even though I made a huge leap forward in terms of my self-concept, I still related to God and others with broken coping mechanisms that I learned in my youth. I took me another decade to ‘reprogram’ my paradigms. One of the big steps for me was not only forgiving my step dad but reestablishing a loving relationship with him.

One of the big components in my journey of healing was attending a discipleship school, the Horizon School of Evangelism. After graduating in 2006, I was asked to join the leadership team and since then have been blessed to be used by God to bring healing to others. In that time I have helped launch IMPACT195 School of Ministry, I have helped over 500 people grow closer to God and be used by him.

I have also been blessed to be able to travel to 22 different countries (Egypt, Mexico, Korea, and Israel to name a few) to share the love of God with the poor and needy. I have also had the opportunity to preach the gospel via public radio to over a million people in Poland and Romania. I have also toured the States teaching and evangelizing.

I have been married to my amazing wife, Dina, since 2007 and have three amazing children: Aiden, Callen, and Katelynn. God has taught me so much about his heart as a father through my children.


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This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer, Rock Church. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.



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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    When I look into your webpage, I think you are not getting dyslexia. 🙂
    Your structures are pretty good.

    You love travelling so much, and had visited Israel ? wow that’s awesome. 🙂
    when will you visit Indonesia ?


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