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All of my books are Christian nonfiction, with a strong emphasis on the Bible and spiritual growth. My writing style is a mixture of devotional and deep Bible study.  after reading one of my books, you walk away with a deeper understanding of God’s word, a fresh perspective on who he is and who you are in relation to him, and will have practical tools and tactics that will help you implement the truths in God’s word.

REVOLUTIONARY LOVE:  A study of the 13 fundamental truths about God’s love That will bring this ceiling and freedom to anyone struggling with shame, issues trusting God, and the need to perform for God. After reading Revolutionary Love will walk away changed for the experience.

Jesus’ 8 Secrets to Living a Blessed Life: From the beginning God created us to experience his blessings but because of sin we often miss out on the good God has for us. Jesus came to reestablish God’s blessings in our life, not just on the cross but he also taught us 8 specific things that will ensure we never miss any of God’s blessings again. 


My next two books are going to be on The Names of God/Attributes of God and Identity in Christ looking at Ephesians. I just haven’t decided which one I should focus on first 🙂

I’m planning on having the next one done but the end of this year. If you want to stay updated about my next book release click on the blue button below.

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Scott Wessell