FREE book, anyone?

FREE book, anyone?

Unless You Hate Free Stuff, Keep Reading…

For the next few days, I’ll be giving away my book, Revolutionary Love, away for FREE! Revolutionary Love is an amazing book on how to experience God’s love on a deeper level. It will transform how you see God and how you see yourself. If you want more healing and freedom in your life, you really need to read this book. You can get it right now for FREE!

Here’s what others are saying about Revolutionary Love:

“I knew the book was going to be good but had no idea my brains would melt out of my ears!”

“Revolutionary Love is not just a “feel good” book, but one that will transform your thoughts of who God truly is and His deep unconditional love for you. One of the greatest things about this book are the practical applications Scott gives in each chapter. As I applied them daily, I have experienced more transformation and more freedom in my life.”

“Revolutionary Love is awesome! I’ve stayed up many nights going over it multiple times already in the short time I’ve had it! It’s a powerful life changing book! I have enjoyed the practical tools that are definitely applicable for everyday life. It is very well thought out and well instructed! It challenged me and allowed me to evaluate my relationship with God in this season in so many ways. You walk away with a greater sense of a deeper understanding of who God is as our Father through His love.”

Save $5.99 When You Get your FREE copy of Revolutionary Love today!


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This promotion will only last a few days so get your FREE copy now!


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