Understanding Your Score
You need help. You have a dysfunctional and disconnected relationship with God. You have trust issues with Him and have a hard time understanding how to relate to Him as a father. It’s difficult for you to believe that God loves you. You feel like nothing you do is good enough for Him and that you don’t measure up. In general, God seems distant to you. Chances are good that you’ve been hurt deeply by others and haven’t received healing from those wounds yet, which is having a profound effect on your relationship with God. The good news is that all of that can change, but it requires that you give attention to the low places in your life and begin working through your pain, trust issues, and fear of man. 

MY SCORE IS 40-79:
You need some growth. You believe all the right things about God, but you have challenges working out the truth in your everyday life. You’re hard on yourself for not getting it. God as a father is vague and fuzzy concept that you have trouble grasping. You want to trust God with all the secret places of your heart but you don’t always do that. You often feel like you’ve let Him down in some way. You might not say it, but deep down you feel like you need to behave properly for God to be happy with you and bless you. Sometimes you experience the closeness of God (usually when you have behaved well), but a lot of time God seems distant to you. The good news is that all of that can change, but it requires that you deliberately focus on letting the truth of God become increasingly real in your day to day life. 

You’re on the right track! You experience God’s closeness and grace more often than not. It’s rare when you feel like you’ve let God down or that He’s disappointed with you. In fact, you regularly feel like God’s a good father that only wants to fill your life with good tings. Your past failures don’t weigh you down or hinder your closeness to God very often. It’s easy for you to catch and stop yourself when you go into performance mode with Him. Just being with God is one of your greatest joys. Even though you’re on track, there’s more of God’s love to experience. He wants to draw you deeper but that requires you to press in more and more.