Sin is like poop

Sin is like poop

I’m a father of a 4 year old and a 2 year old. There have been many diaper changes in my life and with a third on the way in May, there will be at least two more years of dirty diapers to change.

Needless to say, I have had a lot of time to think about poopy diapers and I have come to the realization that sin is a lot like poop. Now for those of you with a weak stomach and who have not been initiated into a baptism of dirty diapers—stay with me for a little bit.

Why do I think sin is like poop? Glad you asked.

  • Both are part of the ‘human condition’
  • Poop is filled with toxins and waste that your body needs to eliminate. Sin is a type of spiritual/emotional/mental toxin that needs to be eliminated from you life.
  • If you don’t eliminate your poop it will kill you. You’ll go into septic shock. If you don’t eliminate your sins (through the blood of Jesus) it will kill you spiritually
  • Sin and poop both have a defiling and offensive quality
  • When children are pooping their diapers they hide. When we sin we are also compelled to hide.
  • A stinky poopy diaper gets in the way of a parents ability to be close to their child. When we sin it interferes with our closeness with God.

But here’s my big insight. When my kids poop their diapers my goal is to clean them as fast as I can so I can get back to playing, snuggling, or reading to them. I never hold their dirty diaper against them. I never send them on time out because they did what comes natural. My heart is to remove the stinky offense in their drawers so I can bring them close to me once more.

That’s God’s heart with us and our sins. He has already paid the price for our poopy diapers. He wants to clean us up as quickly as possible so we can be close to him again.

But what do we do? Some of us punish ourselves for our sins. We hold God at a distance until we feel bad enough. Then with timidity we seek to get close once again. Sometimes that takes days or even weeks depending on how bad we think our sin was.

That would be like one of my kids putting themselves on timeout because they did what comes naturally—pooped.

A loving parent desires closeness with their child. God desires closeness with you. Your sins do not freak him out—he has already taken care of them. He just wants to clean you up quickly, through confession, and get back to “snuggling” with you.

Bottom line: stop punishing yourself for pooping, let God clean you up and get back to intimacy with him!

6 thoughts on “Sin is like poop

  1. My mom use to speak of people who thought their poop didn’t stink & she would often say “oh I bet your poop smells like roses.”

    Sin definitely smells like poop, but there is more expanding that can be done on this analogy. For instance, I still poop as an adult– I just don’t do it in a diaper & carry it with me anymore. 😀 Pooping is something I have to do– but sinning is a choice. Could it be that if sinning is like poop, we must sin all the days of our lives? I hope not. Just wanted to see if you could expand. 🙂 Love the insight & how God speaks to you through your kids!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the comment. I’d agree that the analogy isn’t perfect. We do have the ability to choose righteousness over sin. But, unfortunately we will always miss the mark (aka sin) until Jesus comes back for us. So even though we can choose correctly sometimes we cannot stop sinning completely. As far as the difference between adults and children and how we eliminate waste… I’d have to meditate on that 🙂

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