The Greatness Myth

The Greatness Myth

There is a common perception about greatness that in order to do something great you must first be great. and so the focus becomes trying to be someone greater than what we are.

The problem is that there are no great people. Now I understand that might come as a surprise to you, but the reality is we are all the same. Sure, there’s a diversity of talents among us; some people are gifted leaders, some are gifted musicians, some are gifted mathematicians, and some are gifted in ways that are considered “common”.

But at the very heart of who we are, were all basically the same. Were driven by the same needs of love, affirmation, the pursuit of meaning and purpose, and the avoidance of pain. We all suffer from insecurities, self-doubt, fear of rejection, and feelings of loneliness.

Some great things don’t come from great people where do they come from? I’m glad you asked.

Earlier this morning and was reading in second Samuel about David’s mighty men and I saw something interesting. Now mind you, these are mighty men that I’m talking about; even of valor men of strength. They were considered “great men”. But what was interesting is how they did such great things.

There is a discernible pattern in the lives of all these men of valor. First, the enemy gathers. Second, everyone else runs. Third, these men don’t run but stand their ground. Fourth, God brings about a great victory.

As you look at this and see the recipe for greatness. First, difficulty arises. Stressful situations. Challenging obstacles. These difficult situations are so intimidating that everybody avoids them. Everybody except these mighty men of valor. These guys do is refuse to be moved by the challenges. Another way to look at it is that they are simply making themselves available for God to do something miraculous.

It’s really interesting is that God is the one who brings the victory. you see, great things don’t come from great people great things come from a great God Who uses those who make themselves available.

So if you want to be used in great ways stop stressing about being great and simply make yourself available to be used by God and everyone else is turning tail and running. You see, you don’t need to be great just need a little courage and faith that God is able to do what you are not able to do.

What’s the take away? Super simple, stop contemplating your navel (stop looking for greatness with in yourself) and spend more time contemplating the greatness of God and what he can do through those that will trust him.

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